EUCLID, Ohio (WOIO) – Euclid Police said five guns were found following a massive fight at Euclid High School on Friday.

Four teens and one adult were arrested after the incident, which occurred on Sept. 9.

“Things got out of control on Friday just before that dismissal,” Cpt. Mitch Houser of the Euclid Police Department said. “We had received some information from high school security that individuals were bringing weapons on campus in retaliation to an incident that occurred earlier that school day.”

Houser said officers had to spray tear gas and pepper balls to disperse the crowd of students.

Four guns were recovered during the brawl, Cpt. Houser said. A fifth gun was turned into police on Tuesday, officials confirmed.

“Were it not for the kids going forward and telling school security about their suspicion of people bringing weapons, who knows what could have happened,” Houser said. “We wound up recovering now five guns. If that’s how many recovered you can only imagine how many were there that we didn’t recover.”

Police confirmed no one was hurt from the incident.

Houser advised parents to teach their children to turn the other way and don’t get involved.

“Parents play a vital role in their kids behavior and certainly how they act in school is a direct reflection on how they’ve been parented,” Houser said. “Most of the kids at the high school are terrific and they’re not a problem and they are receiving exactly the type of guidance they should be at home but then there are some that aren’t.”

Euclid police increased patrols around the high school as a result of the brawl. They will continue to have these extra safety measures until further notice.

This story is ongoing and will be updated as more details are released.